Answers to Frequently asked questions at Hostbrands


Hostbrands is the place to buy Brandable domains at unbranded prices for Startups small businesses and micro enterprises. We have hundreds of Brandable domain names for most of the industries and businesses. Hostbrands is part of Kannimars (UK) Ltd registered in the UK (company number 12496317)  

At Hostbrands, we have hundreds of hand picked domain for businesses of all size and shape at unbranded prices. All our domains are competitively priced and reviewed periodically to keep up to the competition.

Brandable domain marketplace is huge and there are several leaders in the industry. We would like to see BrandBucket, Brandpa, Squadhelp, Namoxy & Brandroot as our competitors as they offer premium domains at competitive prices.

Brandable and Premium domain names are like premium digital real estate. The importance of Brandable domain names is far more than ever, as more and more businesses are moving towards online platform & Ecommerce.

We price our domains using various appraisal tools, such as Market leading Appraisal tools and also evaluate the domain names based on the length, number of syllable, Easy to pronounce and memorable.

All domains listed in Hostbrands have sample logo with them. You can request the logo and we will be happy to share the logo for commercial use to you in PNG format only to the registered email address after confirmed purchase.


We at Hostbrands list domains covering most business sectors. From Technology to Travel, Food to Fashion, Personal Blog to Photography; we have domains for both business and Personal use.

We have hundreds of domains listed at Hostbrands and we continually update and monitor our portfolio. 

Most domain names are listed at Dan.com. Once you have finalised your domain name kindly follow the link (To buy / Make an offer), which will take you to Dan.com Marketplace. Where you can make a Purchase or an offer.The above also applies to domains listed on Brandpa.

Dan.com is a marketplace to sell and buy domain names. We have listed most of the domains on Dan.com where you can make an offer or Purchase. Dan.com will act as Escrow for Hostbrands domains. An Escrow is safe method of payment from Dan which enables protection for both buyer and seller. If you could contact me directly via twitter @Hostbrands with the domain you are interested (before making an offer on Dan.com), We are able to offer 4% discount. For more information on how to purchase from Dan.com please follow this link https://dan.com/help/buyer-guide

We have few domains listed at Brandpa, and you could purchase the domains directly from Brandpa (using the link Buy now) from the respective domain name. Please note Brandpa is a Marketplace where some of our domains are listed. Any transaction that happens with the domains listed with Brandpa is between Brandpa and you. We will redirect you to Brandpa to complete the Purchase. For more information on how to purchase please follow the link https://resources.brandpa.com/how-it-works/

Domains Purchased at Dan.com will get you complete ownership of the domains that you are purchasing. If you want, we are able to offer you the logo that is listed with the Domain at free of Cost. 

Domains listed at Brandpa also comes with complete ownership of Domains with optional logo. You could contact us on Twitter @Hostbrands for direct contact.

We are open to any reasonable offers from you. Please be informed that some domains may have minimum offer, below which you may not be able to submit your offer. You could contact us directly on contact@hostbrands.com or twitter @hostbrands with the domain name you are interested and we would will happy to discuss the offer.

Domains listed at Hostbrands DOES NOT include Trademark Registrations. <BR> As Trademark differs to country to country and business to  business. We are unable to do or include Trademark Registrations for the domain we sell. We highly recommend you to do your due diligence and Trademark verification before purchasing a domain name.

Due to the nature of the Product once the domain transfer is completed no refund is applicable. However, if for any reason domain listed is not transferred to you after your purchase, we will refund the money. Please see Dan.com and Brandpa.com refund policies as most of the domains are listed with them. If you need anymore information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Contact@hostbrands.com