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What Value can a Good Domain name bring to Business?


SEO Ranking

Having a Good Brandable & Keyword Rich domain name (& obviously with god content & backlinjks) will enhance your website Sking

Trust, Authority & Awareness

With over 167 million dot com domains registered, which makes around 41% of all domains registered. Dot Com domains still is considered king owing to its Trust, Authority and Awareness. Almost all of the top brands of the world uses dot com domains.

Prime online Address

Domain names are considered as Online Real Estate. With evolving Technology, having a Brandable, Keyword Rich, Premium domain is considered as an Asset for your Business.

Direct Traffic

Having a premium & Keyword Rich domain name will provide the much needed Natural &  Quality Organic traffic for your business. 

Online Credibility

A premium domain name for your company will establish Professionalism and Credibility. Contact@UWQG.com looks more professional & short than contact@UltraWhiteQualityGoods.com

Domains as brands

Memorable Name

Businesses now are focusing on boosting their online presence. A Memorable, Alliteration, Single word, Short, Catchy dot com name makes an excellent choice for upcoming businesses. 

Investment for Life

A Great Brandable domain is an investment for life. Lets compare leasing a shop for business and acquiring a Brandable domain name for similar cost with similar traffic is an investment for life. Instead of Leasing them, you could own your online shop front.

Make your Brand & Domain name the best

not ordinary

Total Domains 400 million + 100%
.com 167 Million + 41%
.net, .cn, .org, .tk,
.Others 59%
standout from competition


Choosing a name for your Business, Startup, Product or Project is one of the most time consuming and challenging task. Involves brainstorming, Creativity & Research. We have best handpicked premium domain names for you; that’s one out of the way.

Delivering Value

We will sell only valuable domains at HostBrands. Remember “Value doesn’t have a Value unless if its value is Valued”.

Reasonable price

All our domains are Reasonably priced to ensure to delivery exceptional value. We are also open to any reasonable offers by you.

We Value your time

We aim to deliver purchased domains in quick turnaround & to respond to any genuine queries in quick succession.